Life Challange Sin


I’m to be dead to sin.

I do have an advantage over some fellow followers of Jesus; in that I have been privileged to observe dead people. There were the people who generously left their “tents” for me to learn anatomy in medical school. Victims of auto accidents, bodies in morgues waiting to be moved on.

So when the Bible says, Likewise reckon yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin; I have an excellent picture of what that looks like. Now, I don’t recommend that you actually carry a corpse around in your car in order to keep the picture clear as to what deadness looks like. But, it does help to form a clear portable picture in your head.

Let’s take some situations and try to imagine the corpses’ response.

1.Someone says,”You stupid lazy good for nothing lout!”                                                      And the corpse responds—————–

2.A person of the opposite sex offers immodest views of their body                                                And the corpse responds——————-

3.”Hey would you like to go party and get drunk?”                                                                                 And the corps responds.

Well, you get the picture. When it comes to sin I need to be more corpse-like. Yes, I know, I may be dead to sin but still I have more urges and desires than a corpse. It helps me seek out and benefit from God’s grace by referring to this useful picture of a responding corpse. It is still obedience even if it doesn’t come easily and requires support from the Holy Spirit and others to emulate.

I keep in mind that I make poor progress in acting in my current positive truth, if I try to just quit a negative. (Acting alive to sin) No, I have to act ALIVE to God to get the full picture of a proper response in the present.

It is exactly like a child who has been poor their whole life and comes into great wealth. They may forget to act in their wealth but they don’t have to earn it, just remember it and write a few checks on the account.

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