Bible Definitions Mindfulness


The devil loves to grab a delicious worm and stick his hook into it to spoil it. That doesn’t mean that the worm is no good. In like manner the new age people like to take one of God’s good ideas and twist it to the point that we faithful followers of Jesus are leery to grab and use it.

MINDFULNESS comes to mind. What does the Lord say about this? Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. What mind was that:

1. Well, not hanging on to rights and becoming a servant of all, doing what it takes to minister to needy hurting helpless people. Philippians 2:5.

2. A mind always stayed on God. Isaiah 26:3

3. A remembering mind, remembering that God’s mercies are new every morning and his faithfulness is great, that God is my portion (my inheritance my field of endeavor) Lamentations 3:21-24. That there is only one God who will keep all his promises and his advice will stand. Isaiah 46:9-10

4.Love the Lord thy God with all thy mind.  Matthew 22:37 My favorite pen is called “pen again” because the inventor came up with the idea at age 14 and couldn’t produce the product till his 20’s but was always talking about the idea. Another friend said, ‘”you’re not talking about that pen again are you?” Oh that I should be accused by my friends, “you’re not talking about that God again are you?” In all your ways seek to know God more and He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:6

5. Let the events of life cause me to call the mind the words of Jesus. Just as he used scripture to combat temptation, so should I, carrying around in my mind the practical truths, equipped for war. Mark 14:72

6. Think of things I have been given, things he enables me to do, people he has places in my life, the cool person he has made me. Luke 12:29

7. Have a mind prepared and eager to be filled with MORE of God’s ideas. So many people want to know “how much of this do I have to put up with to get all the rewards I crave?” Isn’t this enough? Acts 17:11

8. Have a humble mind. Freely admitting my limitations and not clinging to rights while resting in and delighting in who I am in Jesus. Acts 20:19 Romans 12:16

9. Have others in my life who are aware of my mind focus and help put me in mind of godly things. Romans 15:15

10. Passionate mind: willing to give, fervent for the welfare of saints, ready mind, a mind focused on ministry opportunities, a sound mind renewed by the word.

11.Be like minded by hanging with people whose minds are fixed on the Lord and his word and not on picky, divisive, does and don’ts. Philippians 4:2

12.. Have a mind “girded up” by hoping to the end for the coming of Christ. Who for the hope that was set before him. (Relationship and marriage with you and me) endured. I Peter 1:13

I need to remember that God knows everything that comes into my mind and will help me with gaining a clean and clear mind is I confess the inner thoughts. Romans 12:2 Hebrews 8:10 For as you think in your heart so are you. Ezekiel 11:5, Proverbs 23:7 I am to put off the old mind and put on the new and be renewed in the spirit of the mind. Ephesians 4:23 I need to keep in mind the things God has already shown me and not be always re-learning the same focus I learned before. It is OK to move from Obedience 101 to Obedience 201. Philippians 3:16 Let your pastor and other godly people put me in mind of the practical truth. Titus 3:1

He will keep me in perfect peace by, helping me keep my mind stayed on him

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