And be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing  (metamorphosis) of your mind. Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus. For His ways are not my ways nor His thoughts my thoughts. So take every thought into captivity. As I think in my heart so am I. Without Christ and salvation it is impossible to think Gods thoughts after Him but after salvation we still need to allow the transformation and do the work for His thoughts to dominate.

TOOL: to rewire my mind/ every 4 hours, lunch dinner bedtime

  1. Pull my thoughts to the here and now

a. Where am I right now and what is going on in front of me?

b. What has God given me? Savor and steward it.

c. Who has God placed in my life? Cherish and encourage and build and relate to them.

d. What can I do? Then do it with all my might.

e. Who am I? Let me rejoice in my God given strengths and weaknesses.

2.Ponder the last 4 hours

a. What has God given me that I enjoyed?

b. What good character has someone around me shown?

c. What has God helped me do? I need to rejoice in the freedom to obey and in the results.

d. What has God shown me about my design?

3. What am I feeling. What feeling would fit the situation? If I have no feelings why not? If I have a painful feeling, have I done what God wants me in regards to the situation? If not–go obey. If I have, then why am I still fussing?

4. Now I need to review the positives principles and promises and truth that I so easily forget and need to remember for balance. (It works best to write them down and review till they are almost boring.)

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