A scriptural meditation on the “heart cure”

HEART: The inner “chatter”, what I am really thinking deep within while my outside actions and words seem fine.

My heart is deceitful above all things! If I want it cured and truthful I will need  the Holy Spirits help to:

Take heed, keep my soul diligently so that I don’t let what God has done go out of my HEART. Then I can teach God’s truth to my children and grandchildren because they can see beyond my words to my heart. Deuteronomy 4:9/Be humble, (having a sense of worth strength and security from God while admitting my own weak messed up self) See God’s love in the uncomfortable consequences he brings to help me deal with my iniquity Leviticus 26:41/  Put my time effort thoughts money creativity and risk into seeking relationship with God, seeking his kingdom’s welfare, seeking his righteousness.  Matthew 6:21/ Stop living for pleasure and instead discipline my heart to enjoy life Gods’ way being open to feedback and willing to change.  Deuteronomy 10:16/ Take heed to my inner thoughts which can easily believe the lie that there are other priorities in life besides God. Deuteronomy 11:16/ Lay up Gods’ words in my heart and in my soul by keeping them in front of me at all times. Deuteronomy 11:18/ Talk with others about the wonder of Gods’ truth and think on them and obey them.  Deuteronomy 30:14/             “Set my heart” unto ALL Gods’ words if I expect my children to not pick and choose their obedience. Deuteronomy 32:46, 1 Chronicles 22:19/ Take diligent heed to serve God with ALL my heart and soul. Joshua 22:5/ I must actively put away the spending of my heart-thoughts on non-God issues and instead incline my focus to Him. Joshua 24:23/ Like Hannah, pray and say, “My heart rejoiceth in the Lord because I rejoice in thy salvation Chronicles 16:10 and 1 Samuel 2:1.2 / Don’t allow my heart to faint, fear, tremble, or be terrified  Deuteronomy 20:3 / Return my heart to God by putting away other priorities, prepare my heart unto God and serve him with truth and ALL my heart, considering all he has done for me.1 Samuel 7:3 and 1 Samuel 12:20/   Be single hearted for God 1 Chronicles 12:33/ Let my heart smite me when I have sinned and beseech the Lord to forgive  2 Samuel 24:10/ Find in my heart to talk to God  1 Chronicles 17:25/         Ask God to keep his truth forever in the “imaginations” of my heart and to prepare my heart unto God   1 Chronicles 29:18/   Have in my heart to ask for wisdom and knowledge to help God’s people 2 Chronicles 1:11/ Let my heart be glad and merry  over remembering the good things God has done 2 Chronicles 7:10/ Lift my heart from the gutter into the ways of the Lord and learn to hate evil 2 Chronicles 17:6/  Learn to act out of a “perfect” heart” thinking and imagining on God’s ways continually with all my heart not just part.2 Chronicles 19:9 and 2 Chronicles 31:21/  Let God give me a tender humble repentant “soft” heart 2 Chronicles 34:27 and Job 23:16

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