Comfort Hope Iniquity


I remember being ridiculed as a youngster ( when I felt that I was, once again, being overlooked and ignored) for whining “How about me?” This was one of myriad events that convinced me that, even when almost perfect, I was nobody and, if I screwed up, I was less than nobody. It is hard for me to ask for anything from God because I have almost always had my requests rejected by people and family.

When some disciples went to Jesus and asked him, “What’s in this for us?” He didn’t yell at them but pointed out that no one will sacrifice anything for the kingdom without receiving 100 fold more in return.

We are commanded to “Lay up for yourself treasures in heaven” God loves to give good gifts to me, but it is hard to ask.

Think about it. How would it cause any trouble to spend my energy laying up treasure above? Of course this is achieved by giving up material things now and fame and power and relationships if necessary. Of course, my apparent comfort with not receiving my wants down here is more a “sour grape” I can’t have it so it is probably no good anyhow. God wants me comfortable with my lot down here either to have or not, because of the guaranteed rewards that wait up there.

Look up the words treasure and rewards and you will be amazed on how strongly God wants us to picture and be motivated towards heavenly rewards.

There are three parts to INIQUITY :

a. deciding for myself what is right or wrong,

b. doing what I have decided is right in my way and in my strength,

c. moaning and groaning about how hard obedience is.

It seems to me that all three of these are defeated by being motivated by treasure in heaven. Treasure will only be given if we ask God what he wants us to do and how he wants it done, then doing it in his strength and delighting in the privilege of being a fellow servant, soldier, and laborer and in the future reward.

As I marched through 12 years of college, I kept my focus on the prize of becoming a doctor and it made the marching a pleasure, even the not sleeping and the long hours. (Not so sure it was worth it) However, let me assure you that there will be no such second guessing about whether it was worth it when I see my pile of

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