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The Grain of Mustard Seed Faith

When Jesus was being abandoned by the big crowds and the wishy-washy followers, he turned to Peter and asked if he was going to abandon him also. Peter replied, “Whom else can I go to? Only you have the words of life” John 6:68.

This is the grain, the tiny-but sufficient-grain, of mustard seed.

When I can’t see where God is going or why or how I can ask myself:

Where else can I go? Nowhere! Who else has the words of life? No one! What else can I do? Nothing! I do know that my way has not worked and can not work.

Matthew 17:20

That is enough!

I can now act according to his principles even when I am scared, feel too weak and inadequate to the task, and just know I’ll probably die and lose all, I can still obey. I know that obedience makes sense because I am no fool to let go of what I do not have, what I’ve proven does not work, and ideas that are wrong and empty, in order to do what He Who Cannot Fail commands.

Lord, My faith is small, help my unbelief and empower me to move my body parts in obedience – for nothing else makes sense.

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