Comfort God's Nature Humility Relationships


One of the best clues as to what makes God tick, is to remember that (although flawed) we are still made in his image. Look at a human when functioning reasonably well, then realize that God is like that only better.

Matthew 7.11 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

God made the angels who were intelligent, musical, powerful, glorious, and praised him. However they were not made in the image of God. In addition, their worship was sort of “duh!” what else could they do, they stood in the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD.  I guess they could do like Satan and say that they would be their own god, but I think that God wanted beings he could relate to in a more nuanced way, less black and white. So he made you and me, beings with loads of free will. Think of the awesome accomplishment, to make a creation capable of actually choosing OR rejecting its’ creator and having that mean something!

He also likes to give good gifts and we provided him with beings with lots of needs he could give gifts to. I believe that he has created in each of us needs that can only be met by letting him fill the void with himself. As he wanted us to be infinitely happy, then the emptiness would have to be unfillable by lesser things such as food or power or accomplishments, it would have to be fillable by God himself the only infinite one, thus bringing the potential of infinite fulfillment.

I have raised 5 children with Lois’ help and God’s. If I were to evaluate the worth of all the labor and prayers and finances and time that that took, based on what they could do for me. I might want my money back.

No having 2 and adopting 3 children and helping with my (so far) 10 grand children: is and was a gift I gave myself and was worth doing as an end in itself. I remember when I looked at my William when he was less than one, and made the promise to him and myself that I would enjoy him no matter what, lumps and bumps and all. I believe that God delights in being our father even when we are a pain-in-the-neck.

I was talking to a pastor a while back who said, “it’s the ones that give you the most trouble that you remember the most and often turn out to be evangelists”.

Well, if I (being evil) can delight in having and raising children–how much more our father in heaven delights in you and the process of raising you.

Sure he is looking forward to ever closer relationship with us as we grow and mature, BUT YOU ARE ALREADY A DELIGHT TO HIM BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT GOOD FATHER’S ARE LIKE.

In return he looks for me to ENJOY him to explore the depths of his wisdom and love, he wants to be part of all I do, to share life, to possess me and live his life through me, and cause me to be all he designed me to be. Because that is what a good father is like.

Our insane civilization today says that children need to quit sharing themselves with their parents, if they want to grow up. We transfer this insanity to our relationship with God and want to know what is the least of him that we can get by with in order to retain our sense of self.


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