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Radical Moslems attack us and they are the “bad guys” which justifies us filling their countries with soldiers and bombs which makes them feel justified in blowing up innocent civilians in crowded shopping places. After a while, no one can remember the original reasoning that starts feuds. Remember American history and the Hatfields and McCoys? […]

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GOD’S GIFT-irritating people?

The Scriptures can be easily misapplied. Peter pointed out that Paul had written some tough things that people had twisted. The devil often leads us to a definition that is slightly twisted, can’t be applied, or would lead to disaster. For example, he will define forgiveness as not having any leftover pain and as not […]

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Some thoughts in regards to a friend who is being shunned by family: God allows us to experience suffering and often does his best work in ways we would rather alter. Suffering, hits us differently. It’s not so much the size of the loss or the physical pain as it is how personal the source […]

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Boy, that title even rhymes! The Bible is full of bizarre suggestions, “Do the opposite of your natural inclination and it will work.” Such as: Choose to walk two miles when forced to walk one! When struck on one cheek, do not defend or counter-attack. Roll with it and try to find out where the […]

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As a little child, I need to cry out to the Lord in my time of need! When is that? Oh, yeah, all the time! Little ones are so smart, I just love the little grandchildren. The older ones lose some of the inborn wisdom of the babies. Babies know that without mom they are […]