Feel tense at times? Her are a few scripture inspired ramblings you might read and remind yourself, as I often do, of why anxiety is just plain ludicrous considering:Isaiah 14;14 Fearnot, thou worm Verle, and all your friends; I will help you, saith the Lord, your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.

If what I am now doing isn’t because God wants it done THEN WHY AM I DOING IT? If he does want it done then I should do it while getting up at a reasonable time, whist

ing while I work, and getting a good nights sleep. (My version of Psalms 127) Don’t waste any tension on tomorrow not even about necessities such as food and clothing(God know I need that. Do I really think he’s too busy or sleepy to handle tomorrow?) Don’t wallow in yesterday but grab all the  good God has for me today. Besides, what do I vex my spirit over? I’m just going to die and rot and only God will remember anything I’ve done, and he already likes me so much that when I was his enemy Christ died for me. Besides, if God freely gave his only begotten son for me, do I really think he won’t give me whatever else I need to avoid sin and be obedient (the only thing worth worrying about)? He is faithful and will, with any trial I face, give me the way to avoid sin. I need to remember that, NOTHING, can snatch me from his love, NOT EVEN MY OWN WISHYWASHYNESS. Besides God knows I’m just dust, he fashioned me, so he only expects me to do DO WHAT LITTLE  I AM ABLE,to move my body parts in obedience to his principles, empowered by his Grace:  he does not expect me to be perfect or get perfect results, and when I’ve done what I can I’m a success in his eyes through faithful obedience, no matter what result he chooses to bring from my efforts. He has overcome the world, besides if I can’t add a smidgeon to my height by worry so why worry about the big things that are God’s to take care of? I need to remember that however this (whatever this I’m fussing about) turns out, it can’t affect my worth or power or strength or security because these all come from God. Besides, look around me, how carefully God takes care of the birds and trees, I think he can handle me. Don’t forget all the toils and snares his Grace has already brought me through. Come on Verle! Remember that you are not in this alone he is with me and my hand is in his and it is his will that I also reach out to fellow believers and walk each trial with help from them, letting them bear my overburden. Keeping my eye on the prize remembering all the good that is and will still be there no matter how this current trial ends. Lastly nothing lasts forever and next thing I know I wi

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