Finding God’s will

I often wish God would email me, but with my limited internet skills, I would probably miss it or loose it. I was thrown off of my own blog–Lasting and have been waiting for them to send me a renewal bill but it has not come. So ? is it just my incompetence that caused the block and I just need to be more diligent in my work for God? Or is it proof that I am going in the right direction and the devil is seeking to block the work? Or is it God trying to redirect me in some other direction?

Well all this questioning is making me feel tense, which is a sure sign that I have passed out of doing my part into fussing with God’s part. So I will just relax and do what I can and probably find out that there is no perfect plan A but rather do all to the glory of God and do all with all my might and enjoy the whole journey since I am taking each step to do things together with my best friend Jesus.

I strongly believe that God can direct a moving object better than a stationary one, so I will jump in and when I get to heaven will find out what He was up to. For now, I will keep an open mind.

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